The 4Ever Endeavour puzzle comes together from pieces that were in all different corners of the United States. Drums: Kei Alexander: Sarasota, FL, Vocals/Guitars: Troii Peak: Parsons, KS, Bass:  Chris Stiles: Orlando, FL, and Guitar: Zack Zupan: Indiana.


The Sort of it


4Ever Endeavour began in May of 2013 with Kei and Troii meeting in a previous band called "Sugar Phix". The two developed a relationship not only through music, but through skateboarding, Xbox, and other attributes. Troii and Kei began writing songs together and Sarasota, Florida for about two months. We knew after having a great start in such a short time, we needed to get  the other puzzle pieces to complete the line up. Troii's good friend Chris Stiles from a band called "Dark Summer" was recruited to play bass. Within the next month we rehearsed and wrote more songs to add to the list and decided that it would be to our benefit to recruit a guitar player. We put the word out by word of mouth and finally received a phone call from Zack Zupan. Zack knew Kei through the Sarasota, FL music scene. So nearing the end of June 2013 the line up was complete and we labeled this project: 4Ever Endeavour.




After getting a Zack on board we thought right away, we should get into the studio. No kidding, the second day Zack was apart of our band he was in the studio laying down solos to our songs. It was an experience that could amaze. Just listening to this guy on the first day I was sold, but after hearing the guitar work, we all knew that we hired the right guy. We started the recording process for the songs "Round and Round" and  "Wicked Games" with Rockstar legend, Scott Bush from The Nixons. Paying attention to every beat, every harmony and mixing and mastering it down to perfection, Scott was an amazing person to work with in the studio. Soon after the two songs were finished we put "Round and Round" up on iTunes, Spotify, Googleplay, and



4Ever Endeavour debuted on September the 3rd, 2013 at the State Theatre.